BIOPHILIA is a research project exploring how individuals and collectives’ relate to their natural environments.

The project originated as a series of workshops, engaging participants in low-tech, earth- and plant-based practices. Drawn from science and craftsmanship, activities favour intergenerational exchange and often result in the co-creation of new knowledge. They intend to nurture an intuitive and empathy based approach, while anchoring participants in the territory.

Since the end of March 2020, as many countries had enforce lockdown measures due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the territories we had access to and the ways we had access to them drastically changed. In many cases, our lives transitioned to more intimate setups, with our gaze turned to the outside world via our screens.

How is this affecting our relationships with and perceptions of our natural environment?

BIOPHILIA collect images that document human beings relationships with Nature. They serve as testimonials; ways in which we can access, reveal and reflect on our perceptions and representations of our physical territories.